green revolution

Green Revolution

Currently, soybean is becoming one of the most economically important leguminous seed crops.

As a major oilseed crop, it also provides more than a quarter of the total protein for the world’s food and animal feed. Along with societal development and population accretion, the demand for soybean is gradually increasing.

Statistical data showed that the world’s soybean production increased approximately 13-fold from 1961 to 2017. The average production of soybean in India is 1 - 1.5 ton/ha. Whereas the production of soybean in The United States of America is 3.5 – 4 ton/ha. Realising the potential for increasing soybean productivity, Rajaram group decided to launch the Mission 2024 Initiative.


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Mission 2024 by 2024
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We derive our inspiration from nature and thrive to be a company that dwells on sustainable growth. As a group, Rajaram has taken some certain bold steps to become carbon neutral by 2030.

To achieve this goal, we have taken certain measures and actions where we are trying to reduce our carbon footprint. We know our businesses plays a major role in protecting our planet and community. Through a range of initiatives, our focus on growth is driven by adopting sustainable practices.

We are an environmentally conscious and want to be an ethically adept group in striving for success, and always look at “Farming the Future.”


Our Mission 2024 revolves around connecting a minimum Area of 2024 Acres in Sangli District, MH , approximately 2500 farmers to our program by the year 2024. This initiative is planned to ensure higher yield of crops and address the concern of overcropping, loss of fertility in farm lands in neighbouring areas. Being located in the sugarcane belt of Maharashtra, farmers refrain from intercropping and crop rotation. The soybean crop being an important leguminous crop, is beneficial for green manuring of the soil and increases overall health of the farm soil.

Rajaram group has been supporting farmers who have joined us under the Mission 2024 by supplying agricultural inputs like fertilizers, multi-micronutrients, providing special growth regulators to enhance yield, minimizing wastage and offering competitive rates to buy back the soybean crop.

Rajaram Group offers farmers training seminars and inductions about the best yielding methods, and provides them an opportunity to earn fair rates for their efforts. The founders of Rajaram Group realized the need to provide an adequate platform to local farmers, and we are constantly trying to adopt more efficient techniques to alleviate the problems faced by farmers in the area and ensure sustainability of farming for generations to come.

Objectives Of Mission 2024

Encourage and promote growth of oilseed crops
Establish stronger bond with farmers through transparent process setup
Create and develop an effective and consistent supply of soya bean oil seeds
Introducing higher yielding varieties of soya bean
Increasing overall productivity of soya bean in the region.
The initiatives under Mission 2024 will directly benefit the farmers in terms of income and will make this a sustainable model for various similar agricultural practices and industries. Rajaram group intends to provide similar support to all small and medium farm owners.

Green Energy

Our aim is to become energy efficient without harming the planet. We are an environmentally conscious and ethical company with primary goal to run a sustainable business.

Initiative taken under sustainability ensures efficient use of energy and reduces carbon emissions to attain carbon neutrality, by adopting renewable energy solutions.

“We consume & process what we grow, may it be Commodities or Energy. Businesses must realize their environmental responsibility to warrant sustainability to ensure that we don’t deplete resources and secure future generations.” – Mr. Rajvardhan Patil

We understand that the planet has finite carbon resources, and Rajaram Group understands it’s social and environmental responsibility in addressing climate changes, therefore we are committed towards reducing our dependence on the country’s grid infrastructure. In line with our commitment towards becoming Carbon Neutral by 2030, we have always tried to adopt clean energy solutions, and administer our energy requirements for future expansions.

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